Let’s have a blast


Nuclear development may be the cornerstone for enabling Australia to be among one of the world’s superpowers.

John Nukem told the The Northern Suburbs Liberal Club last night, “Australia needs to develop its resources and markets to the point where some of the great nuclear powers become dependent on Australia’s continued viability as an industrial nation and supplier of power needs.”

By endorsing uranium mining and processing, Nukem believes that Australia would become a necessity for other world superpowers. 

It may also be essential for Australia in order to defend itself against potential attacks.

Not only does the advancement of nuclear technology in Australia provide national security against world powers, it also is expected to give jobs for millions currently in school as nuclear blasting could boost mining operations; in turn making them more economical as well as generating harbours large enough to withstand more ships within the Australia shoreline.

Nuclear development could be the cheaper alternative to be used as power as opposed to the NW natural gas proposition in The Pilbara.

Nukem makes no mention to the implications nuclear blasting may have on the environment and where such testing will take place in Australia.