Would you like some possum with that sir?

Not many head chefs have the privilege of saying that Eddie McGuire wanted to dine at their restaurants, let alone tell him no.

As head chef Jarrod Moore recollects this as one of the highlights of his career, “…we were full. So that was kind of bad and cool at the same time. Like no one’s special, if you book you come in, if you don’t, then you can’t come in”.

He works at a charming little restaurant and bar called ‘B.East’, which is a clever pun for their Brunswick East location and specialty in meat based food. Just by looking at the restaurant design and the colourful urban graffiti artwork along the walls, one can immediately tell that ‘B.East’ has a unique character and style that sets it apart from others.

Unafraid of being adventurous and following their successful ‘Forgotten Fruit’ menu from last year for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, this time they’re offering a special ‘Beasts from the Bush’ menu that probably has most jaws dropping at first glance.

From the southern fried crocodile to the 12-hour pulled ‘roo tail burger, ‘B.East’ will undoubtedly give an experience like no other. The event was sold out a week before, with only eighty-five spots available for reservation.

Responsible for this menu is none other than Jarrod Moore himself, who was given complete creative freedom when it came down to choosing what would appear on the menu, and is the best part of the job for him.

“There aren’t many professions where everyday someone has to say you have to come up with something new”.

His personal favourite from the menu, the wild boar and possum empanadas, took over eight hours to cook down.

Wild boar and possum empanadas and napoleone  saison duval

Wild boar and possum empanadas and napoleone saison duval

The wait was definitely worth it.

Costing only $5 in the form of something like a small sausage roll (true to the Aussie spirit), the possum and boar meat of the empanadas was juicy with an organic feel on top of a subtle hint of chocolate derived from the wattle seeds, which complimented the thickness and sweetness of the hard yet not obliging pastry covering. Matched with the sourness and the lightly tangy bush tomato chutney, the empanadas would be a perfect after-school snack that could easily replace your average beef pie.

So don’t beat around the bush and try some possum out.