Racing Forward

Plans to urbanise Glen Eira have been underway according to a presentation by the mayor of Glen Eira for journalism students on March 31, 2014 at Monash University Caulfield.

Mandatory height restrictions imposed on neighbourhood residential zone homes just last year are the most recent development of Glen Eira’s ten year plan. These height limits were instated to create more public open space for parks, gardens and reserves.

In neighbourhood residential areas, there will be a maximum of two double story houses. For general residential areas, the limit will be three stories.

Glen Eira mayor, Neil Pilling, assured the audience that such changes would bring about a “better quality of life”.

Zoe Fielding, 20, Glen Eira resident and Monash university student, agreed that the Glen Eira council should invest in “more parks, greenery, grass and places for people to hang out”.

Other parts of the initiative include expanding the uses of Caulfield Racecourse and increasing the public open space available in Glen Eira.

Current state of Caulfield Racecourse

Current state of Caulfield Racecourse

The Glen Eira council have also continued to urge the Parliament to review the leases of Caulfield Racecourse so that it may be used by the community for junior sports, recreation or more public parking.

Caulfield Racecourse is currently leased by Melbourne Racing Club and they have made a considerable amount of profits from the reserve. The council have argued that the profits should go towards the proposed plans for Glen Eira.

“MRC run it like their own backyard,” said Cr Pilling.

Cr Pilling does not wish to stop the horse racing though, but hopes that junior sports and recreation will be able to “exist side by side with the racecourse”.

The project started in 2013 and is to be complete by 2026.